The book of Matt: hidden truths about the murder of Matthew Shepard by Jimenez, Stephen.

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reviewed by Teresa G on Jul 1, 2014
The author, Stephen Jimenez, spent over a decade researching the beating and subsequent death of Mathew Shepard in Laramie, Wyoming in October 1998. Contrary to public opinion, fueled by the intense media scrutiny as well as the murderers own defense strategy, Matthew Shepard's death was not in any way related to his sexual orientation. Nor was Matt a stranger to the man who beat him, Aaron McKinney, and the man who drove the truck that night, Russell Henderson. Both Matthew and Aaron were well acquainted, had partied together, and had slept together. In minute detail, Mr. Jimenez reconstructs the weeks and days leading up to Matthew's death. If not a hate crime, what fueled the rage that led McKinney to beat Matthew and leave him to die? Money and drugs, specifically methamphetamine, were at the heart of the events of October 6, 1998. Both Matthew and Aaron McKinney were known to sell and buy drugs. On the night Matthew was beaten and left to die, McKinney had been on a week-long meth binge. Matthew had grown increasingly paranoid and fearful for his life in the days before the incident. He was a relative newcomer to Laramie and was encroaching on the turf of other established dealers. Meticulously researched, The Book of Matt, reveals details about Shepard's death that many in Laramie would prefer to leave hidden. This book serves as a reminder that there is often more than meets the eye in a story.

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